How to Open and Close a Butterfly Knife

How to Open and Close a Butterfly Knife Like a Pro | 5 Effortless Steps

Are you ready to take your butterfly knife skills to the next level? Learn how to open and close a butterfly knife fast for beginners like the spy. It is a great way to impress your friends and showcase your knife-handling abilities. 

Before you start showing off your skills, it’s important to understand the proper techniques. These butterfly knife closing tricks will ensure a butterfly knife’s safe and efficient handling.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through a step-by-step process. This process will help you master the art of opening and closing a butterfly knife safely and confidently. Follow these steps, and soon you will open and close like a pro.

What is a Butterfly Knife?

A butterfly knife, a balisong, is a folding knife characterized by its unique design and flipping action. It consists of two handles connected by a pivot pin, allowing the blade to swing freely. The handles are typically symmetrical and shaped to cover the blade when closed, providing a compact and safe storage solution. 

Moreover, Butterfly knives are admired for their aesthetic appeal. Knife enthusiasts use them for artistic flipping routines and as collectible items. While they require skill and practice to handle them safely, butterfly knives can be versatile for various cutting tasks.

what is a butterfly knife

How to open a butterfly knife for beginners? First, familiarize yourself with a butterfly knife’s basic components and terminology. A typical butterfly knife consists of the following parts:

Handle: The handle is the part of the knife that you hold during operation. It usually consists of two halves connected by a pivot pin.

Blade: A blade is the sharp, cutting portion of the knife. The blade is attached to the handles of a butterfly knife and can swing freely.

Latch: Latch, or tang pin or kicker, is a mechanism that keeps the handles secured in the closed position. It prevents accidental opening of the knife.

Pivot Pin: The pivot pin acts as the central pivot point for the handles and allows them to rotate freely.

How to Open Butterfly Knife Fast for Beginners

How to Open Butterfly Knife for Beginners? Mastering the art of opening a butterfly knife requires practice and careful execution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

How to Open Butterfly Knife

Hold the Knife Securely: 

Begin by holding the closed butterfly knife securely in your dominant hand. Ensure that your fingers are safely away from the blade and the bite handle (the handle that does not have the latch).

Unlock the Latch:

Locate the latch on the bite handle. Release it by applying gentle pressure with your thumb or by flicking it open with your wrist.

Grasp the Knife Properly: 

Hold the handle with a firm yet relaxed grip with the latch released. First, position your index and middle fingers on the safe handle, which is the handle with the latch. Next, place your ring and pinky fingers on the bite handle.

Initiate the Opening Motion: 

With a swift motion, flick your wrist downward. Simultaneously, push the safe handle up using your index and middle fingers. This action will cause the blade to swing outwards, away from the handles.

Secure Your Grip: 

Once the blade is fully extended, adjust your grip accordingly. Hold the safe handle securely with your ring and pinky fingers while your index and middle fingers move to hold the bite handle. Maintain a firm grip to ensure control over the knife.

Congratulations! You have successfully opened your butterfly knife. Now, let’s move on to the closing technique.

How to Close a Butterfly Knife | Butterfly Knife Closing Tricks

Closing a butterfly knife requires careful handling to ensure safety and prevent accidents. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you close your butterfly knife smoothly:

How to close a Butterfly Knife

Maintain a Secure Grip: 

Before proceeding with the closing process, ensure you have a secure grip on the handles. Also, keep your fingers away from the blade to avoid any accidental cuts.

Rotate the Bite Handle: 

With a controlled motion, rotate the bite handle (the handle without the latch) towards the safe handle. This will cause the blade to begin folding back into the handles.

Control the Blade: 

As the blade starts to fold, use your thumb to apply gentle pressure on the blade’s spine. Guide it toward the closed position with this pressure.

Secure the Latch: 

Once the blade is nearly closed, engage the latch by pushing it back into its locked position. The latch will secure the handles in the closed position, preventing accidental knife opening.

Check for Secure Closure: 

After closing the butterfly knife, give it a gentle shake. This action will ensure the blade is securely placed without movement or rattling.

Butterfly Knife Closing Tricks 

Get ready to impress and amaze your friends and fellow knife enthusiasts with your mastery of butterfly knife closing tricks.

  1. The Smooth Snap:

Mastering the smooth snap involves closing the butterfly knife in one fluid motion with a satisfying snap sound. Follow these steps to achieve a smooth snap:

  • Hold the butterfly knife securely with a firm grip.
  • Release the latch and initiate the closing motion.
  • Use a swift and controlled flick of the wrist to close the blade.
  • As the blade nears the closed position, apply gentle pressure to ensure a solid snap.
  • Practice the motion repeatedly until you achieve a smooth and audible snap with each closing.
Butterfly Knife Closing Tricks
  1. The Reverse Flip:

The reverse flip is a visually stunning trick that involves closing the butterfly knife in a reverse manner. Here’s how to perform the reverse flip:

  • Hold the butterfly knife with the bite handle facing outward.
  • Instead of flipping the knife open, start with the knife in an open position.
  • Initiate the closing motion by flicking your wrist in the opposite direction.
  • Adjust your grip to catch the handle in reverse as the blade swings inward.
  • Practice the reverse flip cautiously, as it requires precise control and coordination.
  1. The Aerial Catch:

With an aerial catch, you add an element of showmanship to your butterfly knife closing. Follow these steps to perform the aerial catch:

  • Begin with the butterfly knife in an open position.
  • Next, toss the knife upward, allowing it to rotate in the air.
  • As the knife descends, position your hand to catch the handle with precision and control.
  • Finally, maintain a steady grip upon catching to ensure a secure and clean closure.
how to open a butterfly knife for beginners

Remember, these tricks require practice, patience, and utmost caution. Always prioritize safety and gradually progress from basic techniques to more advanced maneuvers.

Bottom Line

Practice these steps with caution and gradually increase your speed and proficiency. Remember to prioritize safety at all times when handling sharp tools. Enjoy mastering the art of opening and closing a butterfly knife.

With dedication and practice, you can master the art of opening and closing a butterfly knife. Through your skillful maneuvers, you will impress others with your proficiency in handling this unique tool. Enjoy the journey of exploring the endless possibilities of this unique and captivating knife. Happy flipping!


How to open butterfly knife like a spy?

Unlock your inner spy with these steps to open a butterfly knife like a pro:
Grip the closed butterfly knife securely.
Swiftly release the latch using your thumb or a quick wrist flick.
Execute a sleek and stealthy wrist motion to flip open the blade with finesse.
Practice until you can effortlessly replicate a spy’s smooth and covert style.

How to open butterfly knife fast?

Need speed? Follow these steps to open a butterfly knife in a flash:
First, firmly hold the closed butterfly knife.
Next, unlock the latch swiftly using your thumb or a quick wrist flick.
Finally, execute a rapid and precise wrist flick to unleash the blade with lightning speed.
With practice, you’ll develop the agility and speed to open the butterfly knife quickly.

Are butterfly knives legal to carry?

The legality of carrying butterfly knives varies depending on your location. Research and understand the laws and regulations in your area regarding butterfly knives. 
Compliance is essential due to varying classifications and restrictions. Avoid legal complications by staying informed and following local guidelines.

What are the safety considerations when using a butterfly knife?

Safety should be a top priority when handling a butterfly knife. Here are some important safety considerations:

Ensure proper grip and control of the knife at all times.
Keep your fingers away from the blade and bite the handle during opening and closing.
Practice in a safe and open area, away from people or objects.
Start with slow and controlled movements, gradually increasing speed as you gain proficiency.
Always use caution and prioritize safety to prevent accidents or injuries while handling a butterfly knife.

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